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Manufacturer of plant-protection
products in the form of wettable powders

Our subsidiary : Eurocup

Company presentation

Eurocup is the subsidiary of our parent company: SIPC. It specializes in plant protection products intended for the prevention of diseases of plant organisms, and more particularly in fungicides, wettable powders and EC fertilizers in the form of dusting. This entity allows us to diversify and complement our offers.

Our main activities concern:

  • The synthesis of tetra cupric and tricalcium sulphate with 27% copper, or Bouillie Bordelaise technical, allowing to elaborate commercial specialties such as 20% Bouillie Bordeaux.

  • The formulation and mixing of fungicidal specialties intended for the treatment of crops such as, for example, mixtures based on Bouillie Bordelaise, Potassium bicarbonate, Cymoxanil, Mancozeb, Captan ...


New automatic packaging line.

June 2016
To improve the ergonomics of employees at work, and in order to alleviate their difficulty, we have invested in an automated installation consisting of a vacuum bag conditioner, automatic benches, a sewing machine and an above-ground palletizer.

Site Eurocup

Site Eurocup

Chaîne complète

Chaîne complète

Conditionneuse sac sous vide

Conditionneuse sac sous vide

Banc automatique

Banc automatique

Machine à coudre

Machine à coudre

banc et palettiseur

banc et palettiseur

Palettiseur hors-sol

Palettiseur hors-sol

The site

The Saint Junien company covers a total area of 50 000m²
Whose :


  • 5 750m² of buildings

  • 7 970m² of developed surface including:

- the production workshops (1 200m²),
- storage buildings (3 300m²) on retention (1 650
- the storage annexes (2 040m²),
- the effluent treatment station (250m²),
- the offices, laboratories, social premises (220m²).

  • Security retention: 2 500m²

For more information, download our booklet by clicking here:

1973: The site was founded under the name of SOPROCHIMIC (Chemical Company of the Center), its production unit is based in Saint-Junien (87 - France).

1980: On the arrival of a new shareholder SOPROCHIMIC becomes SIPC (Industrial Chemical Company) and then owns two production sites in Douai (59) and Saint-Junien (87).


1998: In order to split the activities of these two sites, the management creates EUROCUP, which takes the form of a SAS, and employs about 20 persons in its Saint-Junien production unit.

2009: The installation is placed under the high threshold regime of the SEVESO Directive.

2016: The site is now placed under the low threshold scheme of the SEVESO Directive.

Environmental policy

Whether it is for our site of Courchelettes or Saint-junien, the protection of the environment is one of our daily concerns, for which we carry out actions in liaison with the services of the DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment of Planning and Housing) :

  • Treatment of industrial effluents via a station:

     Reduction of polluting emissions,
     Recycling of production water, and reduction of water consumption.

  • Waste sorting, recovery and recycling:

     Ordinary waste (wooden pallets, boxes ...) are recycled,
     Special waste (paper and plastic packaging contaminated from production, waste from the treatment station)
     is sent to an incineration factory for energy recovery.

  • Monitoring of groundwater via piezometers.


Thank you for your interest.
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87200 Saint Junien France

Route du Goth

BP 39

Phone number : +33 (0)5 55 02 23 80

Fax : 05 55 02 66 20

Our differents services

Chief executive:

Mr. Laurent Goubel

Site manager:

Mr. Francis Goutieras


Mr. Philippe Miletto

Logistic / administration:

Mrs Nadine Mounier

Technical service / laboratory :
Ms Carole Maurichon

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