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SIPC | formulation et conditionnement

Société Industrielle de Produits Chimiques

Contract manufacturer and packaging of chemical products

About us


1929: The site was born under the name PROCHIM, chemical processes of society, equipped with a research laboratory.

1946: The company started in manufacturing of organomagnesium products (insecticides, organophosphates, Thiazines ...).

1970: The central services headquarters, workshops and laboratories were regrouped in Courchelettes, next to Douai. Meanwhile PROCHIM develops overseas markets with Europe, South America, the Far and Near East. It then creates a diversification of production. The company specialized in rubber, paper, and the cleaning industry.

1980: PROCHIM company ceased operations due to environmental problems and an unfavorable economic climate.

1981: The factory in Courchelettes is created under the SIPC entity (Industrial Chemical Company).

2016: The installation is under the lower threshold of the Seveso Directive regime.

SIPC | Manufacturing and packaging of plant-protection products
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The company can only satisfy his customers by being rigorously in the formula, That is why the role of laboratory is crucial in the analysis of finished products.

Our laboratory provides a comprehensive study of the products and is composed of four study rooms:


  • A room for formulations that can test the product formulas.

  • A volumetric metering room

  • A physicochemical room and granulometry.

  • Chromatographic room.

The laboratory is important to the efficiency of the SIPC business.

In fact it allows a complet analysis of the manufactured products and to grant or not the exit of the company according to the results.

Its activity allows the work of all the company's staff.

SIPC | Manufacturing and packaging of plant-protection products
SIPC | Specialist in the manufacture and packaging of plant-protection products
Our values


We assume our decisions, our promises, and turn them into acts.


We make every effort to respect the delivery deadlines, and respond to the requests of our customers as quickly as possible.


We establish a close relationship, based  on trust. We are attentive to the needs of our customers.


We adapt to the diverse requests of our customers, and try to best meet their expectations.

We strive to achieve the best possible result and to satisfy our customers.

Security on the site

The factory is placed under the low threshold regime of the SEVESO Directive, that is why, we implemented a number of measures such as:

  • A safety lock at the entrance to the site for filtration visitors.

  • Identification of each truck by the reception before accessing the loading / unloading area.

  • Installation of 6 color and night vision cameras distributed throughout the factory.

  • Existence of a stand-by on site 24 hours a day and on weekends.

    Finally, in case of fire, the site has a reserve of fire-fighting water with a capacity of 1 400 m³.

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